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What it means to be a carnivore....


Dogs and cats are carnivores...now, some would argue that dogs are ominvores, but given a choice, your dog will always choose to eat meat over anything else.  And, under no circumstances should dogs or cats be fed a vegetarian diet.  I've heard the argument that "our pets have been domesticated" and so they "should not eat raw meats as their ancestors did".  However, to be clear, domestication is defined as " the process of taming an animal and keeping it as a pet or on a farm"...this is merely a modification of their behavior. It does not alter their basic nutirional requirements or body chemistry.


Another important point to consider:


The dry kibble that has dominated the pet food market since the 1950's was developed by meat packers who  wanted to find a way to profit from the sale of their left-over scraps.  And, even though modern pet food companies are formulating pet food with higher quality ingredients and even grain-free options, kibble is still less nutritious than a raw diet of fresh meats and veggies for your pet.  And, some kibble is cooked at extremely high temperatures which may be linked to the creation of carcinogens.  Sure, higher quality pet food will cost a bit more than the dry kibbles, but in the long run, your pet will be healthier and you will incur less vet bills as they age.


Now, let's talk about treats...like our own cookies and snacks, your pet should be given treats in moderation.  And, although treats aren't a significant part of your pet's diet, they should still be the highest quality possible, especially if your pet has allergies or other medical conditions that require a special diet.  Pet treats that contain by-products, grains or other ingredients that can cause inflammation or trigger allergic responses should be avoided at all costs.  And, be wary of treats that are made of ingredients that come from countries that may not have the strict guidelines to ensure purity and safety that we have in the U.S.  And, do not be fooled by packaging that says, "Made in the U.S.A" or has an American flag on the label...some companies will import inferior ingredients from other countries, and then process the finished product in the U.S so they can say "Made in the U.S.A".


Choosing your pets food and treats using the same common sense you use to choose your own foods is an easy method to insure they will live a long, healthy, happy life with you!